Would it save me time?

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Additionally, you'll receive rune items like rune dagger (p+) and runite limbs. This is where your alch comes in handy, simply high alch these and eventually you'll discover that a mass amount of coins will pile up. After about an hour or RuneScape gold so, do a price check on your addy pubs, runes and cash, and you will observe that you have a numerous quantity of money. Dont stop there however! Leave and revel in your hard earned Money.

Alright lowest stats I'd reccomend is: Att: 70-75, Str: 99, Def: 80, Hp: will lvl as you train other people 85-90+ will be good. Prayer: 70Piety else keep as 43 (if you dont mind a couple more cb levels afterward 95 for turmoil) Ranged: determined if you want to do sara/arma if so then 90+, Magic: 80. I know you said your gonna keep summoning as 1, however, would recommend that you train it up (it will impact your pk-ing if you don't utilize summoning familiars)

Summoning levels: 52 - Terrorbird, retains 12 items (min. lvl imo). 67 - War tortoise, holds 18items (VERY good). 68 - Bunyip, the very first healing familiar worth with, heals 2hp/15sec I understand it doesn't seem like much but it adds up). 69 - Fruit bat, generate fruits to Cheap RS gold heal yourself. 79 - Titans, Really good quadrant, corrects 8hp per scroll + 12.5percent def boost. 88 - Unicorn, would HIGHLY suggest that you do this if you want to stay at gwd for extended times in a team/trio/duo/solo, heals 15 percent hp per scroll.