What I need to do along the way?

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Purchase 2364 significant bones for 817944gp. (824200 - 817944 = 6256) Maybe do it , but with Swordfish? Any advice/suggestions on what I need to do along the way? Incidentally, if your wondering why I just don't do it with swordfish right now, its because it is going to take too long for me to fish, using only 53 fishing, and plus, its a bother for me to RS gold drop any unwanted Tuna I have harpooned up. I'm also F2P. Thank you for any suggestions.

If you are performing the bosses you'll need a LOT better armor. Look in the God Wars Dungeon guide on the Website for more info on that. If you go in with just complete rune, it will not take you long to get slaughtered. You will need barrows/god armor (The kind you get from the dungeon, like Bandos) a LOT of meals, at LEAST 80+ ALL battle stats and 70+ Prayer will make your life a great deal simpler.

In summary: Get more income up and down your battle stats first. I would recommend you get each battle level up one level first, then attempt to receive Prayer to 60, bare minimum. Consider doing it via slayer for some decent money, which you really need. Rune is fine. Barrows is better but rune is great if you don't have the money to spend. You can even range him. 'Slaughtered' is overreacting. If you go for OSRS buy gold a team of 4/5 you can last maybe 10 kills with rune. Probably 15 using Barrows, it does not actually make that much of a difference.