You created a new account simply to EVE echoes

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Why would we count Chinese as part of eve echoes isk our group. We have no Chinese allies. We arrived alone. I also think that lots of disbelieve the 224 amount, since human corp losses seem much reduced due to the number of alliances which were there. Impressive form upward by GH buddies. You may however, follow the link in OP to see kill mail information, each of which may be verified.There not. We finished SRPing the losses yesterday.why could we pick this arbitrary number? Golden Horde asked for all of the kill mails yesterday in their own discord and only found 18. If you are saying we're hiding losses why could they are concealing kills

Thank you for showing how amazingly broken stabbers are from the present game.To be honest I could think of a dozen doctrines that could have done the specific same thing.So are you guys going to post the video of you men losing the VVV citadel battle anytime soon? Have you got a video to your channel jealousy also?

I'm working on it. The poor dudes recording that fight had even more disconnects then that fight surprisingly. It is taking me more time.God the fanboys are out in force on this one aren't they, every comment contradicting the story (making zero sense) gets downvoted. At this point I'm only here for the unwanted karma.You created a new account simply to shit post on most of SHH posts... You seriously want to reevaluate your life dude, you are trying way too hard.

Is it really that great if you guys cant get any strategic victories?Because they're reposting the same thing over and over after deleting their prior threads on precisely the same fight. Least this one includes a video I guess...The OP literally admits on a few of my additional comments it was you guys but he left them pull down their articles... you probably would not see it though as you are all so occupied downvoting those that disagree with you.You sound salty and for something really small. Take a break dude, you are getting riled up over a cell phone game lmao. Also, you know what is worse than down voting people that disagree with you?...going to every SHH post simply to talk trash.

These guys are just living rent free iny'all's heads.Maybe ify'all set in half of the effort that you do brigading into battling, then maybey'all will have videos with struggles like these up on reddit too. Until then remain classy.You are becoming downvoted because you are bringing nothing to the conversation. For someone claiming to be an"outside observer" based on your message history, you sure do enjoy piling on SHH members, every time that they post... Maybe look into getting a new hobby child this isn't a fantastic look for you.I'm entitled to my view that making out you won once you lost is nicely, the epitome of propaganda. I also could not care less about karma so.What component of this is propoganda? The area where SHH simply stated the facts, posted a video along with the evidence of killmails? Or the area where members of both alliances are congratulating each other on a battle well fought along with eve isk a channel well defended?