I am pretty tired of experiments

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By the way is not it more fun to discover these things on your own? Also you'll discover that you can have all the information in the world but it will not mean squat if you don't really go out there and see it for yourself. 1. ++ is the very best and posion on a dagger continues forever. 2. The one to start herblore and the one to begin summoning(so you can gain acess to RuneScape gold those abilities of course)then it truly depends upon your levels such as are you able to do the lost city quest. 3. Whatever you want them to be apart from abilities are easier to train in members usually anyhow. 4. Experiments or rock crabs. 5. Most defiantly NOT cannonballs hmm lets see there are nats there are fletching and higher alching bows there's flax and rune ess if your reduced level even selling magic logs is better afterward cannonballs. 6. You dont want some quantity but thats good . 7. Meh% mortar. 8. yes. 9. After you do the quest just get the right herb the right secondary ingredient a vial and a Pestle and Mortar then mix away there should be a chart somewhere that tells you what you will need for what. 10. Errm the only way that you may get construction upward is by building a home and furniture in it. 11. Easy and long. 12. Again it depends on your levels like when I became member I couldn't tele round the map without another thought and it was really large and fun to explore but today I can just tele around the map without another thought but anyhow im sure you'll do fine and if you dont then use a map. 13. Your friends and family to your funeral because you wont be able to perform it unless your a very large level you should try ranging it. 14. Check the official forum for the most current price and you should be able to do this today even with no member so I have no idea why you asked that. 15. The more a part of weaponry or armour is in the match the cheaper it gets.

Alright, so I am pretty tired of experiments, so I wanna try something harder and better exp. I had been contemplating Monkey Guards in Ape atoll. My question is, Are my stats good enough to train there? I just wanna know if the training is going to be effective or not... My stock will obviously carry some food, super attack/strength potions, antipoison potion and a teleport back. I can not seem to find a listing anywhere of the NUMBER of hotspots for OSRS buy gold construction. I am trying to plan my home beforehand to assemble the right construction materials (all the ones I can anyway), although I know what sorts of hotspots you will find, I don't understand how many of each are in each room.