2k did Damian Lillard cluttered by just putting on the regular current gen cover of NBA2K21.

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It's tough for Dame, since if the next - gen version comes out, most people are going to buy the latest version or even the Mamba forever current gen variant and a couple of NBA 2K21 MT months later, nobody will regular form of the current gen and that shows they don't care about him.

Can it be safe to state that most the community can afford the new consoles? I thought most was kids (old man here.) And Im asking because I know ppl here will def have a better idea of this age range than me....cuz when nearly all ppl in the community are legal adults, even as poisonous as it is....thats more screwed than I ever believed it was lol (the toxicity). Same could be said about Kobe. Why would someone pay 100 dollars on sport it's possible to cover 60 for. Thats the way I feel, I wanted the Kobe cover however $100. . No thanks Zion is going to be OK.

That's accurate but it's still 100 bucks at the end of the day, for what to see Kobe for thirty seconds once the game is loading up. Plus 2k has been copy and paste for the last five decades anyways. Ima invest the $100 so I just have to purchase the game once. I bet I will get a next gen console some stage this year and want to play 2K and I know that I really don't wish to get the $60 variant twice so I will only spend 100$ up front to get it on both generations. I am going to purchase it for the next gen. since you understand the game because of this gen consoles is going to be cheeks.

They did just about every all star vet cluttered by choosing zion after 19 games as a cover athlete in any way! Yet alone on another gen cover. . Not everyone can manage 100 dollars or Cheap NBA 2K MT Coins the PS5 place the gate, I'm getting Dame cover. Not all of us can afford a brand new gen as well as the 100 dollar variant right away lmfao weirdo hes about the cover nothing dirty about it. Not like that bro, better part of the community and fan-base would be buying the current gen mamba forever variation as it comes with another gen standard edition at no cost. However, hows it doing him dirty plenty of individuals wi have his pay because of what I just said. The sport will be the exact same like 2k20. Save up and wait patiently until you get a PS5. I could, but why do I? I am able to wait couple months and only play the PS5 variant and save about $30.