Playing fifa on madden

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 I am sorry if reality hurts but partner, they're due for some update. And I understand its a soccer simulation so that you cant really"update" it if it is already good, but when they wanted they can easly get a newer motor, and update the match according to Mut 21 coins new and more realistic engine. Also, Career mode will be to step back with every release. They might have easly implemented their fifa manager which stopped in 2013 I believe into career mode. FFS we cant even pick in menu in career mode not to play as our team but to be more of a trainer. They can do a lot of shit and more in depth, but they dont want to.

Doesnt matter I will happily play Ps4 version of Fifa 21 on ps5, hopefully loading is quicker on offline play. And await the ps5 version. That is a free upgrade anyhow. Cant wait! Along with Resident evil 8 along with Gran Turismo 7- the next gen Fifa 21 is the most anticipated title for 2021. Fifa 21 ps4 version is epic and the gameplay is exceptional imo. Really looking forward to the committed next gen- version of this. The backward compatible Fifa 21 will most likely be the first game I play in my Ps5 anyway.

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