Do you need to cook it to mount it up?

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I really like the notion of decorations in your property, and I'm currently trying to get a Bass decoration. My questions are: 1. How long does it take to fish up the bass necessary for the trophy? 2. Does it seem different? 3. Do you need to cook it to mount it up? I believe the time to get it will differ between individuals. It took me 4 levels to RuneScape gold receive a major shark to mount, even though I can't mount it with my structure level. It will most probably be called a significant bass, and is noticeably different from any others you will get. No, you need to take it to the taxidermist in Canifis and they will mount it, after which you can place it up in your trophy hall.

Alright I got the Bottom of the sceptre and I got the ideal skull half from the minotaurs now All I want is the other bottom of the sceptre and the left skull half. . .But then I need to fight ankous...I don't think I am good enough to fight ankous....Heres what I'll be wearing: Sorry no picture, Rune Full Helm, Rune Platebody, Rune plateskirt, As well as the meals Im using are: Lobbies. So... These are my stats since I want to kill a few ankous I do not know if I will endure to receive my left skull Half. Thank You for Answereing!

Because Pking is pretty much dead a pure isn't really going to buy OSRS gold do much anymore, but you're still able to make one if you want. Train Attack and Strengh on Dummies at Varrock, after getting to the max level you may get on them start taking on goblins, men, chicken etc etc.. As your levels get higher and greater proceed to more powerful npcs. I would suggest you train you attack and strength in lots of 5 levels. Progression such as this will be effective. 45 att, 55 str, 50 att (should you want to stop here with attack and receive a gmaul then train str such as mad, go for it.)