Keyer asked u to ggs to him to get a door to open while your at a gd?

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People that are scared to boss due to their low level can do masses for RS gold bosses and hope to get rich through the amazing lootshare system. REMEMBER YOU DONT HAVE TO RISK ALOT TO EARN ALOT. Cons -- takes long to see drops such as a sigil from corp or even torva armour from nex and can get annoying but the effort is well worthwhile. You dont start getting lots of drops until you get more prerequisites like extremes, insanity, and disorderly weapons to have the ability to get into great teams. Discuss more drawback or gains in bossing.

Do's -consistently give food when asked, you always get your food in gd and of course they require more damage(proved in end at gd, keyer consistently has"meat-shield award") this even means providing the final of your meals, hoarding food rather than sharing is a huge disgrace. Tools and cosmics asap, no cash? Later buy whenever u get money. Make altar whenever a lot of staff is outside of pray. Gate without being advised to gate! It helps by enormous amounts, and always keep a watch to your crucial on keyers stock, and announce exactly what u gate if needed. Always mention what doors you discovered that are not openable, if u see a gd immediately do it. Constantly make baskets when told, it will help a good deal.

Keyer asked u to ggs to him to get a door to open while your at a gd? Well ggs naturally as opening that door demanded leads to rooms quicker than gds do, dont forget to gate your primary spot. ALWAYS ALWAYS LISTEN TO KEYER! I cannot stress that further. Any addition? It is a combnation of steels and irons, I dont know what drop is from what dragon. I believe its like 110 steels and 100 irons. Took me hours to perform, 2 trips, 6k blood runes with the spell fire tide. (83 magic at that moment.)

Subscribe if you would like more logs similar to this, I last if you like! Ask logs might be worked out, PM in this subject if you prefer, im not the best skilled participant, although I hope I can help. (You can also add me in game'Tnx Buddy', only tell me why u added me) I just pick up the blue charms ( 3 from steel, two from irons at a time ), other charms are not noted. PS: If the critters are high lvl and accept your request, I probably use magical, at the moment any money or runes donations to produce the fall log and fill out the request will be much much help for the rate of the log. PPS: Dragons take lots of money and time so thats why they're'just' 200. Love, hope its a bit usefull!

Barely a month before, I could earn perhaps 1m per 2 hours (1 to a good day) along with my staking acc. And for a while, it was great. You would have idiots trying to scam you using a crossbow or cheap RuneScape gold sling (however it would be ok because you have crossbow and sling), you'd have people with poor stats, you would have boxers that greatly overestimate themselves, however generally it was cool. You made money. Life was great.